The e-book 

 Laugh at my Life before I Laugh at Yours


The non-fiction e-book collection Laugh at My Life is full of real stories and witty theories created by the author.


The first e-book follows a chronological order from his childhood fights with siblings to his journey of learning how to deal with all aspects of adulthood, especially love. With plenty of advice, the book leads the reader to think about love and all its facets, including sneak-peaks inside a guy’s mind.


The history is not about making the reader laugh all the time, but instead, it shows the good and bad situations that happened to the author which just happen to be funny. We normally learn with our own mistakes, but Evandro tries to help you avoid the mistakes he already made.


Today, the series has more than 1 million readers around the world.


Laugh at My Life 2 Before I Laugh at Yours Again


Laugh at My Life 3 Looking for True Love


Laugh at Your Life 4 And Laugh at Mine Even Harder


Now you can buy the first book in english, spanish and the italian edition at (e-book and paperback)

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