"The first thing people ask me about this book is how I was able to write about my life if I am only 27 years old. It is simple.

I did this for you. If I waited longer, you would be too old too… And it is very likely that you would want to write about your life instead of reading about mine, but hey, you would have made the exact same mistakes that I have. Enjoy while you are still young!

Be smarter than I was! Read, feel it, cry and laugh at me before other people laugh so hard at your life that I will have to write about it.

About my picture below, yes, I do have teeth. In fact, the photo was taken by someone who came out of the blue while I was having dinner, nine years ago.I had lettuce in my mouth and couldn’t smile, so it came out weird like that. I don’t know how the person still convinced me to buy it. 

For nine years I did not see any use for this picture, but one day someone said that there is no coincidence in life, and that the photo was taken so I could use it here. Really? If it is so, why don’t we lie down on a hammock, sip a cup of juice and wait for our destiny to meet us? Maybe because deep down, we know that we have to fight for our dreams to come true. Instead of becoming a couch potato waiting for my future to arrive, I decided to write this book and try to help you with my own experiences.


I hope the book will help you deal with love and work problems, and maybe even teach you to recognize people who only bring despair to your life. While reading the book, laugh and have fun, but if you see the same things happening to you, stop laughing and put to use all the advice I give. I wrote about my own downfalls to show you how to avoid them.

By knowing my slips to the point you can laugh at them, you will most certainly dodge them in your own life.

I will see you inside…"

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